August 30th, 2011

DS/DT: Milky chan Parka and JSK, BTSSB cardigan and skirt, MSC JSK, mint Candy stripe skirt ALL SOLD

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- In this post I advertise the clothes of both of my friend and mine. All of them are with me, clean and ironed.
- My feedback page:
- I only accept paypal
- You can see the price of each item and what I trade them for after the pictures. If you have questions please feel free to ask them.
- Payment must be within 2 days
- I don't have any pets nor do I smoke - Used items have been cleaned and ironed
- Paypal fees are included!
- I make photo proof of shipping and tracking,  so if you do not choose the safer option wich is registered I'm not responsible if the package is lost
- Shipping in 2 working days at maximum after receiving payment
- The Kaloo bunny certifies the authenticity of the pictures

BTSSB Heart marble chocolate and sugar coated cookies tiered cardigan  SOLD
I bought this cardigan as brand new from the BTSSB store in Paris. In perfect condition, worn only once, no flaws, no tears.

Length:48 cm
Bust: 84-88 cm
Length of sleeves: 59 cm
Price: 100 USD
Now: 80 USD
+Shipping within EU: 15 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 23 USD

  Merry Sweet Castle 133*214 JSK with matching necklace (WITHOUT THE HEADBOW!!)
This set belongs to my Friend. She wore it only a several times, in very good condition, no flaws, no tears. The set are with me, clean and ironed. Attention! The set does not include the headbow!!
Lenght: 94 cm
Bust: 82-92 cm
Waist: 70-80 cm
Price: 300 USD Now: 220 USD
+ Shipping within EU: 28 USD
+ Shipping anywhere else: 36 USD

Alice's Portrait skirt SOLD
Length : 52cm (20.47inch)
Waist : 64~73cm (25.19~28.74inch)
I bought this skirt for my friend as brand new as a present. She wore it only once it is in perfect, flawless condition. She would like to trade it for one of the following Angelic Pretty skirts:
- Dreamy Doll House skirt in mint
- Candy treat skirt in lavender
- Merry making party in yellow
- Wonder cookie skirt in light blue
If nobody has these items for trade, then I'll sell it for:
Price:  220 USD Now: 180 USD
+Shipping within EU: 25 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 30 USD

Bodyline Candy Stripe skirt in Mint size M with bagSOLD
This set was bought by my friend on EGL Sales. She is the second owner, but she never wore it, only tried it on once. I have the set, cleaned and ironed waiting to be sent to its new owner in perfect condition.
Price: 80 USD
+Shipping within EU: 18 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 25 USD

  Milky-chan of the Fawn Ribbon JSKSOLD
I am the second owner. In perfect condition, worn only a few times, no flaws, no tears, professionally cleaned. The straps can be adjusted at the back, one of its buttons is a bit loose, its sticthing needs to be reinforced.
Lenght: 86.5 cm
Bust: 87-100 cm
Waist: 70-90 cm
Price: 300 USD
+ Shipping within EU: 28 USD
+ Shipping anywhere else: 36 USD

Milky-chan parka in white Payment plan acceptedSOLD
I am the second owner of this parka. I wore it 3-4 times tops. The hood had a small hole in it when I received the item, I patched it up. Additionally the fabric has developed some fluffs because of the first owner's use, barely visible when properly ironed out. I am selling it for much cheaper than for what I bought it for because of the overall condition of the parka.
Price:  100 USD
+Shipping within EU: 25 USD
+Shipping anywhere else: 30 USD

DS!/DT! Cheap offbrand accessories, skirts, shoes!

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Whomever leaves PP gets priority I like trades too <3
Please read carefully. Some items come with the shipping included some do not >3 I ship from Albany, NY and I will go to the post office tommorrow morning =)
Cheers! Onto the goods!
Olive and Ting highwaist skirt $55+ $6 shipping to US    
Waist: 24in max.
Length: 25in
It has "shirring" but it's for show really, nevertheless, this skirt is amazing! Soft cotton laces, beautiful coset style top, amazing floral print; really defines the waist! I'm still tempted to keep it for the lace ;3 My waist is 25inches and although I can zip it up, it become uncomfortable ;_;

Bodyline blouse size 2L $20+ $6 shipping to US
   Not made out of knit but cotton XD but very cute. It's too big for me.
Candy Violet T-shirt $15shipped I <3 casual lolita! Super cute in creamXblack. Size M

Offbrand Classic Bag 20+ $8 shipping Well loved, but in great condition! The colors are dark brownXbeige and I love this to pieces~

DS!/DT!-Granny Boots~! $20+ $10 shipping size 10 I've had these for 4 years now, so they show the obvious signs of wear, but there is still plenty of life left in them! I will give them a wipe down before sending them out =) But if anyone has anything they'd like to trade, I'm up for that too! I can wear flats from 25.5cm to 26cm

Offbrand Oxfords size 9.5, $25shipped So cute! but too big for me ;_; I've only worn them inside the house. Please give them a good home!

F+F White Rectangular Headdress $8shipped It's really white, white, but the lighting makes it look yellow; the roses are light yellow however. I bought one in black too, but I'm keeping that one xD Simple and cute, I used it for causal days.

Claire's Headband $6 shipped Offwhite and adorable! Kinda retro, kinda awesome <3

Locket necklace $8.50shipped
It's held together by a magnet; really pretty details on it.

Claire's Strawberry earrings $7.50 shipped  Bought for an outfit, but I dont wear earrings! XD They're really nice though! And good for sensitive skin! Hoorah!