August 26th, 2011

DS: 4-WEEK REPOST: AP, AaTP, Offbrand

Collapse )- I have no pets or conditions
- All prices are in USD
- Paypal ONLY
- Prices do not include shipping or paypal fees. Please ask for total quota.  
- I do accept gifting.
- I ship USPS with tracking.  
- Please inquire if you want insurance.
- I try to thoroughly inspect these items as best as I can. If there is a flaw that you notice upon receiving, it may have  been damaged during the shipping process which I do not hold responsible for.
Here is my feedback:

Here is my proof of ownership:

AP A La Carte Grosgrain Haircombs - WhitexPink $30 $24 or BEST OFFER

Pretty good condition. Only tried on a couple of times.
One of the combs is slightly loosened. Since these have barely been touched, it most likely came that way. Desperately want to be rid of!

AaTP Rachel Sleeveless Blouse

Offbrand Headbands

Offbrand headbands that I will most likely never wear. Good for casual lolita.
*For any above purchase, you may choose one for free.
1 - Sax headband with White PolkaDots with Bear - $4.00
4 - Silver Gathered Headband - $3.00

Offbrand Earrings

I bought these earrings at SF Japantown's J-Pop Summit. I realize that I never wear earrings or if I want to, I completely forget about them. They've just been collecting dust, so I'd rather sell them to someone who will actually wear them.
*NOTE: The pink ones have some plastic sticking out from the bottom of the roses. It came like this.
$1.00 per pair, $5 for all of them.
*For any above purchase, you may choose one for free.

Thanks for looking!