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EGL Community Sales
EGL Community Sales
August 21st, 2011 
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I accept paypal or money order All prices include continental US shipping I bought this last winter, and it never fit right. It has been worn once.
*Note* I altered the jacket to remove the bows from the pockets. I may or may not still have the black, satin bow on the neck. It attaches with a safety pin, but I will have to look for it. (Or if you don't want the bow, awesome!)
Size is "Lady 100"
Bust: 44"
Waist: 36"
Stock Image:

  • lacing up in the back;

  • cotton laces decoration in the collar, cuffs and pockets;

  • detachable fur collar and cuffs;

  • detachable bowknot and waist-belt;

  • pockets in both sides
Proof:  i560.photobucket.com/albums/ss42/Lolita_Korin/EGL%20Comm%20Sales/100_4036.jpg

Color shot

I am willing to trade for a similar F+F jacket in BLACK ONLY. I need size Lady 95 or 100. Example of what I would trade for:

Pour Lolita Charm: $8/free with jacket
Damage: i560.photobucket.com/albums/ss42/Lolita_Korin/EGL%20Comm%20Sales/100_3057.jpg

Sax Bow: $9.50 shipped in the US 
Bought from a seller here on EGL, handmade. Never worn. The bow moves on the band and can be positioned to wherever you like.

Dark gray halter  vest: $15
Size US 12/14
Bust max: 40"
Waist max: 36"


Pink Hello Kitty Rhinestone Belt: $20
Fits waist 33-38"
Part of the lining on the inside of the belt is damaged, but it does not affect wear nor can be be seen when worn

Read more...Collapse )* Feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/417833.html
* First to leave their PayPal address will get priority over the item
* Second priority goes to those in the U.S.
*I am not responsible for the packages once it is in the hands of the post office.
* I accept payment by PAYPAL only. No eChecks.
* Payment must be received withing 24 hours of invoice.
* I do not Charge for Paypal Fees.
* No exchanges, no refunds.
* Shipping Method : USPS
* Prices include shipping for both US and International

Meta Blue Candy Star Rabbit JSK + HeadBow: $300 Within the US, $320 International  JSK SOLD ,  headbow left

Second Owner, Worn twice
partial shirring in the back
bust: 86 cm = 33.9 in
waist: 74cm / 29.1 in 
length: 91 cm = 35.8 in

Front: http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120241.jpg
Back: http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120243.jpg

Meta Party JSK: $210 Within the US, $220 International 

Damaged: one missing button
First Owner, worn about 3-4 times
Length: 91 cm / 35.8 in
Bust: 88 cm / 34.6 in
Waist: 70 cm / 27.6 in
with partial shirring in the back

Damage : http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120237.jpg

front: http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120235.jpg
Back: http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120236.jpg
Bottom : http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120232.jpg


Alice and the Pirates Chandelier Flocky JSK II + Headbow : $190 Within the US, $200 International  SOLD

First Owner, Worn twice Measurements:
Lenght: 94cm / 37in
Bust: 90~99cm / 35.4 - 39in
Waist: 70~79cm / 27.6 - 31.1 in
With partial shirring in the back

Back: http://i862.photobucket.com/albums/ab182/xMadRabbit/P7120254.jpg

Black Peace Now skirt: $100 $80 Within the US, $110 $90 International 
worn few times
Waist:  26-29in / 66-73cm
length: shortest part of skirt 22in / 56cm....longest part of skirt: 29.5in / 75cm

Peace Now Star Top/Dress :$100 $90 Within the US, $110 $100 International
Waist: free
length:  30in / 76cm <--adjustable shoulder strap 

Peace Now Shorts: $75 $65 Within the US, $85 $75 International
worn once
Waist: 29in / 73cm
Hip: 36in / 91cm
Length: 17-20in / 43-51cm

BTSSB Knit Scarf & Glove set $30 Within the US, $35 International  SOLD
Scarf : $20 within US, $23 International
Glove : $15 within US, $18 International 
Used a few times 

BTSSB Damaged Socks: $15 Within the US, $18 International
worn once, but damaged
Listed as Over the Knee socks


Dear users,

some of you might have already noticed that there are currently some changes made to the creating of posts. I can happen that the entire content of your post vanishes when you try to make a cut (by highlighting the post and then clicking the lj-cut button). I haven't experienced this problem when creating a cut via html code.

If you are cutting your posts in rich-text mode, please remember to copy the content of your post into an empty document in case it gets accidentally deleted when using the lj-cut button.

This might save you a lot of time and nerves :) Let's hope the changes are finished soon and everything is working nice and stable again.
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