August 18th, 2011

!DS , BTSSB poodle jsk, AP Chiffon polka pink

Collapse )no e-checks
prices doesn't include pp fees

Not trading. Please don't ask to trade.

shipping includes tracking. International shipping
includes insured on items over 100 no tracking. If you want
tracking I will give  you a shipping quote.

NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL USERS: If package gets lots in the mail. I'm not responsible for it. Is the mail fault

my feedback:

AP fur Capelet
80 plus shipping

Black Fur Scarf
10 plus shipping sold

AP Chiffon Pink Polka Dot OP Fully Shirred Dress

300 plus shipping

Dreaming Macaroon with headbow
300 plus shipping.

BTSSB Poodle Half Shirred JSK
180 plus shipping

AP Pink Bag

55 plus shipping sold!

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