August 5th, 2011

DS/DT pair of shoes and socks

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So I bought these used from another person at AnimeIowa and I am having buyers regret... mostly because I don't wear anything with a lot of pink... I actually need white shoes or brown shoes more.

Shoes: $35 + Shipping     Sold    

I prefer to trade these for the ones I want. They are like new with minor scuffing that you can see in the pictures. These are a size 26 from bodyline and fit me like a 10.5 US womens. I would like to trade them for the same style or a similar style. I need a size 25.5-26. I need this in White or Brown only, I will consider black if I can not find the color I am looking for.

Stock photo:

Styles I am looking for:


These are for TRADE only, again I don't have much use for pink so if I can't find what I am looking for in a trade then I will probably give them to a friend of mine that has a lot of pink. They are in good shape, they have stains at the bottom of the feet but that is to be expected with use. The rest of the sock is immaculate. I do not know what brand they are as I bought them second hand.

I would like socks that are black x white or white x black. OTK socks in a plain black or white would also be fine. These of course are only suggestions, I am open to pretty much any brand.

Types of styles I would like: