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EGL Community Sales
EGL Community Sales
July 12th, 2011 
09:23 am - ATTN: lolicakes
ATTN: lolicakes 

User who have been involved in lolicakes  sales post please contact me via PM

with this filled out form:

Item requested:
invoiced: Yes/No
Invoice payed: Yes/ No

Please! Until we have this situation sorted out do not pay any invoices that are conntected to this sale.

Thank you

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An important notice to all shopping services and comissioners

Shopping Services
- Due to our new feedback rules, everyone is required to link a URL for their transaction when leaving feedback. However, we do understand in the situation of SS's that people often hear about the services through word of mouth on the community. As such, we are now requesting all shopping services create a post advertising their services on egl_comm_sales. Some of you have already done this, and I hope you don't mind me using yours as an example, but chibi_tenshi has done a stellar job. Please remember to place this under a cut, though tags and location should not be necessary. Both you and your clients should link this post when leaving each other feedback. I know, I know it seems like an effort, but we have had people fake this in the past and it will happen again, so this is the best way to make sure all feedback is valid.

We are considering simply linking each shopping services advertisement post in the header of the feedback page, so it would not need to be linked every time, but this would only be for very established shopping services. I will let you know if we go ahead with this.

Commissioners - Having individual posts for commissioners seems like overkill, and we already have a master list of available commissioners created by addictive_sugar. Please leave a comment with the relevent info and I'm sure you will be added to the post. Both you and your clients should link this post when leaving each other feedback if the transaction did not initiate in comments/posts elsewhere.
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