April 1st, 2011


!DS IW Bustle Skirt, 2005 Meta Velveteen JSK, shoes, H.Naoto skirt, F+F skirt, Algonquins, shoes

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Innocent World Bustle Skirt NWT
$145 + $10.95 for shipping
Stock Photos:

Proof Photos:

Size L
Size Information (From Lolibrary):
Waist - 66 cm/26 in-80 cm/31.5 in (however, I recommend no higher than 30.5 in)
Length - 55 cm/21.7 in

Unworn, beyond trying on, skirt from Innocent World that is now out of stock. It is a lovely skirt but sadly I never could find a reason to wear it.

Metamorphose 2005 Velveteen Princess Pinafore Dress in Cream/Off-White
$170 150 (please see edit) + $10.95 shipping
Stock Photo (in different colorway):

Proof Photos:

Size Information:
Bust - 32 in-38 in
Waist - 30 in-36 in (measured the waist from the area where the bodice begins and skirt begins)
Length - 34.5 in(from top of shoulder to the bottom of the lace around the hem of the skirt portion)

This is a gorgeous velveteen dress from an older Meta line that has never been worn beyond trying it on. It was sitting in my parent's attic for years (I was never able to fit into it) and has now made its way back into my hands, so I just need to get rid of it as it is taking up space. There are a couple of detachable parts to the dress: The waist ties, the neck ties, and the bit of lace that is by the neck ties. However, when I received it many years ago one of the fabric button caps had come off on one of the buttons for the waist ties. This was placed back on with fabric glue as best as possible.
EDIT: I was just re-examining the dress and notice that there is visible stress on the shoulder seams, so I am reducing the price to reflect this as well. I believe this is due to the dress having been hanging for some many years under its own weight (it is fairly heavy) :(.

Algonquins Linen Shirt SOLD
$14 + $4.95

Size Information:
Bust: Max 36 in.
Waist: Max 35.5 in 
Length: 25.5 in

I bought this used a few months back and just never wore it nor see myself wearing it. It is cool shirt though and you can change how you wear it each time as the sleeves can be adjusted to either straight down or scrunched up by using the ribbon of material in the sleeve. All of the zippers can be opened too.

Fan+Friend Putamayo Replica Skirt
$22 + $10.95
Stock Images:

Proof Photos:

Size Information:
Waist - 26 in-40 in
Length - 20.5 in

This skirt was made back with F+F was first starting out and has only been worn once since I bought it back in 2006. There is so staining on the white part of the skirt due to bleeding from the red fabric. I tried to take photos of the stains but my phone could not pick them up and they are hard to see unless up close.

H.Naoto Skirt SOLD
$37 + $10.95
(Second image came from the original owner)
Size Information:
Waist - 24in (can go smaller due to draw string in the waist band)- 39/40in
Length - 20.5 in

Cute H.Naoto skirt with spider web mesh that lays over the plaid. Pre-owned by another EGL user before I bought it but I have not worn it, beyond trying it on, since I received it.

$16 + $10.95
Size 41

New shoes that have only been worn once to try them on. I recommend getting new ribbon to lace through the shoes and heat sealing the ends so they do not fray, as these were not heat sealed and have begun to fray a little.

$11 + $10.95
Size 41

When I bought these, I noticed right away that there was some damage to the front of the shoe so the price reflects the damage from when they were shipped. Please click on the last two pictures to see close ups of the damage. I forgot to circle the damage in the second photos but it is towards the right of the front part of the shoe.Sadly, they also did not fit so they have just been sitting in my closet since I tried them after they arrived. I recommend getting new ribbon to lace through the shoes and heat sealing the ends so they do not fray, as these were not heat sealed and have begun to fray a little.