February 26th, 2011

DS: IW jsk, BTSSB jsk, offbrand blouses.

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please observe

1. i'm new to egl_comm-sales, so therefore my feedback page is empty. but i will make anything in order to make you feel alright with possible transaction. if needed, i can show you feedback from local sites where i've been selling things. please excuse me for this, but everyone starts out new one time or another, right?

2. i live in sweden, so most shipping will go on $8-$15.

3. payment through paypal and paypal only.

4. all prices are in usd.

5. i have cats and a dog, but by my knowledge neither of them reside in my closet. however, if you're terribly allergic it might be a bad idea.. naturally i will scan every piece of clothing after hair, but i can't promise anything. and i really wouldn't be able to live with myself i someone died due to something i've sold.

Innocent World's Chelsea Sweets Jsk - sold

my first brand jsk, bought second hand through yahoo auctions.
now selling due to the fact that i never use it.

it's absolutely adorable, great if you like rabbits (and cake and jam), but it's noticeable that it's been worn.
it's a bit wrinklish, but if requested i will dryclean before shipping.
without prior drycleaning, it's yours for $160!~
(international shipping: $15)

proof picture

Bodyline Blouse - sold
(outside egl_comm_sales)

short sleeved blouse i've purchased from bodyline. i've worn it a couple times, but not that much.
will be washed before shipping. the lace is adorable and the buttons have the shapes of little hearts.

Length 50.5cm
Bust 84cm
Shoulders 36cm
Length of arms 22cm
Waist 76cm (with generous shirring, so it can take some more)

(international shipping: $10)

more pictures:
backside   detail

Offbrand blouse

lovely white blouse that i purchased on a swedish lolita forum. i've only used it three times and it got a lovely manadrin like neck top. very flexiable! will be washed before shipping.

european size 36, but quite big, so would fit a sz 38.

(international shipping: $8)

more pictures:
backside   detail collar   detail arm

also looking to sell a pink jsk version of btssb longest name.
if anyone is interest in pictures, let me know!

update: link to sales post for btssb longest name

if you have any questions about any of the items (or anything at all) don't be afraid to message me~.