January 9th, 2011

feedback page changes

Just a reminder:

If you need any changes to be made at your eglfeedback page, even for changing your username, please do not request a new feedback page! The pages are created automatically by a useful program the community Dunkelsuess provides for us, and it can't read any additional comments you are making with your request, but will just create a new page if you fill out the form again.

If you need any changes to be made, please post them as a comment on your page, or pm a mod personally to fix it for you.

If you're thankful for getting a feedback page in a reasonable timely manner (we would never manage to do all pages manually without cutting ourselves off life for months), please consider making a small donation to Dunkelsuess to keep their community running. (paypal: dunkelsuessyahoo.de)

Thanks and happy transactions!