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EGL Community Sales
EGL Community Sales
November 12th, 2010 
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Hey everyone- sorry in advance for the rush of posts, but the moderation team has been hard at work updating the community rules, and we're trying to get everything updated as speedily as possible. Please bear with us! And per usual, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us via comment or PM.

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Moderator Availability

  • To get the quickest response, try to PM a moderator who is actively moderating the community you are having issues with (so don’t PM an EGL-only mod with sales comm issues, and vice versa).

  • In order to ensure a quick response to your PMs, please contact mods who have their status listed as "available".  Those mods on haitus or on vacation may not have regular access to their accounts or may not have time to reply to messages promptly, so please check the current status of the mod before sending an urgent PM.

  • Please PM one moderator at a time when asking questions or inquiries.  Allow 24 hours for a reply before sending the same message to another moderator.

  • For languages, please note all moderators speak English- only additional non-English languages are listed :)

Status meanings:
Available - Checking Livejournal and private messages at least daily.  Ideal if you would like a prompt response.
Semi-available - Checking Livejournal and private messages regularly, but less frequently (every 2-4 days).  May be delays in replying to messages.
On haitus - Currently does not have regular access to Livejournal and is unavailable or rarely available to respond to private messages.
On vacation - Away from regular duties due to travel or other obligations.  May have some internet access while away.  Will return to active duty on return date as indicated.

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