November 2nd, 2010

  • eglfb

8th rule of EGLFB

Hi everyone, this is Laiferr! I'd like to bring your attention to a new rule on eglfeedback . 

8. Please only leave feedback for transactions initiated through egl_comm_sales
This is not a general livejournal or lolita feedback community. If you purchased something through the community sales, through an ebay auction advertised on the community sales, through a commissioner advertised on the community sales etc then that's fine. Real life meetings, other forums transactions or other livejournal communities are not valid feedback.

I have noticed a lot of feedback being left for transactions which were clearly not initiated through the egl_comm_sales . If you buy something on garagesalesjapan, angelic_poodle, etc etc from a user who also happens to be on EGL, please, do not use EGLFB to leave them feedback. We get about 600+ feedbacks left per week, and this just creates unnecessary work for us, slowing down the entire process. We are not moderators of those communities, and they should have their own feedback systems you can utilize. Also EGLFB is not for your personal business disputes with real life friends or colleagues. Thanks!

ATTN buyer/seller: looking for diaphinisedbat

I commissioned a dress from her to be completed on September 27th, however, she missed the deadline. That was fine as she messaged me about a week later, telling me that she would send me pictures of the nearly completed dress and would ship it out very soon after I approved the look of it, free shipping.

However, the pictures never came nor did the dress --- the last message I received was on October 6th. I have sent several very polite messages (expressing hope that she was alright, and just for some communication) to no end.

Does anyone know where diaphinisedbat has gone? I would really just appreciate some reassurance or communication from her. I provided the fabric she was using to create the dress, so I'd be out $105 already counting the deposit and the fabric cost :(