September 13th, 2010


Beta test period of new sales guidelines: 14 Sep - 14 October

Starting tomorrow we will enter a beta test period of some new sales guidelines. On October 14th (a month from now) we will run some more polls and get feedback on what you all thought of the new rules, and see if they'll stay, be modified or trashed completely. Do not freak out if you do not like the new rules. This is just a test period. Come the end of the test period, we would be happy to hear your input on the matter. Please read the new rules carefully.

White list

A white list is a list of brands which can be sold without question. Other than basics of condition of the item, anything from these brands can be sold. This means we will not ask you to remove anything from your posts if it is made by one of these brands. This does not mean you can only sell items from these brands. This does not mean off brand and hand made are no longer acceptable. Please understand this concept carefully. An example: Angelic Pretty is on the white list. This means an Angelic Pretty novelty plate is OK to sell. This does not mean your cute off brand plate is OK to sell. Another example: H.naoto is on the white list. This means H.naoto jeans are OK to sell. This does not mean off brand punk jeans are OK to sell.

To make it very clear:
  • Not on the white list = Must be EGL related to sale, just as the rules always have been. Nothing changes here. You cannot sell anything different than you have before. The rules for brands not on the white list remain exactly the same.
  • On the white list = Anything from this brand can be sold, EGL related or not. This is where the change lies.

White list
Angelic Pretty
Emily Temple cute
Shirley Temple (150-160cm)
Heart E
Innocent World
Jane Marple
Juliette et Justine
Mary Magdalene
Victorian maiden
Qutie Frash
Alice Auaa
Miho Matsuda
Alice and the pirates
Atelier Boz
Mille Fleurs/Noirs
Atelier Pierrot

If there is a brand you feel should be on the white list, comment here.

75% Rule

Sales posts must be composed of at least 75% unquestionable items. This does not mean 75% of your items must be brand. This does NOT mean the other 25% can be any junk from around your house. Rather, if the other 25% is composed of items which we are 'on the fence' about, we will be willing to let it slide. The key is on the fence. NOT 'obviously not OK to sell'. An example of on the fence? SWIMMER headphones. If your post has three lolita skirts in and one a pair of swimmer headphones, we won't care. As always, we will inform you if the items are not acceptable and ask you to remove them. Please do not sit there panicking if your items are OK to sell or not. If you are not sure, try anyway, and we will let you know. We'll be lenient with punishments in this test phase since we understand the concepts will be hard to get used to.

BRAND BJD and Pullip allowed for sale

OK OK, I know there was a marginal vote against this, but as this is just a test period now would be the best time to see what people think about this in action. ONLY BRAND Ball-jointed dolls/Pullips/Blythe/Momoko etc. will be allowed for sale. The key here is the brand doll clothing & accessories. The dolls by themselves are not acceptable. If you are selling doll items, clearly label them as doll items! Sometimes it is hard to tell.

NOT OK TO SELL: Nude doll
NOT OK TO SELL: Wigs/eyes by themselves
NOT OK TO SELL: Off brand/Hand made lolita doll clothing
OK TO SELL: Doll with brand clothes/accessories/full-set
OK TO SELL: Brand doll clothes/accessories/shoes by themselves

There may be some moderator inconsistency in this period.
Just as these rules may be hard for you to get used to, it's exactly the same for us. What I picture myself being 'on the fence' about may not be the same as what another mod pictures. I'm sorry, but that's just how it is; we will obviously try our best and work together, but it can happen. If you felt you had an item incorrectly rejected, please PM me. If I was the one to reject it, then PM another mod. If this happens we generally start a group discussion and will get back to you.

And just as a final note, please don't freak out. It's just a test period. We are doing this based on people's suggestions. We're not doing it out of what we want or because I find making up rules fun; we're always trying to think of what you want, so if you don't like it that's fine, but we ask that you can at least put up with it for a month and be constructive in your criticism. Thank you!