August 12th, 2010

Final spurt for your patience!

Dear users,

thanks a lot for all the feedback you gave us in our last post! We are now working on improving the community accordingly.

The first thing we change is getting the pre-moderated list back. The mods adding your names to this list will be harukoko  and myself. This means that you'll have to be a little more patient for a last time. To avoid what happened last time (many users without feedback pages being added to that list), we decided that it would be better to only have two mods in charge of that list. This means that your sales posts might have some delay to be accepted.

The delay is the final one though. Once you make a post with the link to your eglfeedback page in it, I'll approve your post and add you to the list. Every future posts of yours will be added to the community immediately and without further mod approving.

BUT: We have many posts in the queue that don't have a cut. Uncut posts are annoying, destroy the layout and require lots of scrolling to get past them, both in user's friends list and the community. When you are on the pre-moderated list, please check TWICE if you have a cut.

If someone forgets to cut their post every now and again, they will be deleted from the pre-moderated list and end in the queue again to avoid that problem. So please be careful.

Thanks for your time :)