August 3rd, 2010

DS: MMM OP, AATP JSK, Headresses, Offbrand blouse, SOCKS

Hello lolis

I smoke and I have a cat, but my clothes are preserved so i assume it doesn't smell or contains cat hair
PAYMENT : Paypal or bank transfer
SHIPPING : approximatively 10€ FRANCE / 15€ EUROPE / 20€ US / 25€ AUSTRALIA (except for accessories which will be sent in letter)
HOLDS : only with a 10% non-refundable deposit
OFFERS must not include shipping price
OFFERS must be 5€ more than the last that has been done !
CONDITION OF ITEMS : EVERY ARTICLE IS AS NEW I TOOK A VERY GOOD CARE OF THEM, THOUGH straps of AATP JSKs have been lengthen by a professional tailor to fit my height (it's very easy to turn them back to normal)


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