May 4th, 2010

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For once these are not rule changes, but please read.

The eglfeedback community had some help and managed to make all the requested pages so far!

Now there are a few things for you to do:

Check if your page has been made right:
- go to the tag for the first character of your username. Here is the tag list:
- [e.g. I would go to "~l" to find "laviefantasque"] and find your page,
- go over the numbers and links,
- comment on your page if something is wrong.

Keep your link handy.
- We are in the progress of updating the alphabetized lists, however this is not finalized so don't freak out if your name isn't on there! Just find your link through the tags and save it somewhere.

As mentioned in this post, we haven't been commenting back to people's requests with their links, because we put the time into making the pages instead of commenting back. If your comment has been deleted, it means your page has been made and you can look for it under the tags.

Everyone, please request a page now as the new rules will come into effect on May 30st.
I changed the form for requesting feedback, and mentioned some things to keep in mind. For example, some people have issue with finding their Etsy or eBay feedback links. Please read the post and fill in the form correctly.
The place to request your feedback is here.
Again, the smart thing to do when you want your feedback page right away because you're in a transaction, is to PM one of the mods! Otherwise your request will get lost in pages of other comments, and you might have noticed that doesn't go too fast.

When leaving feedback, please remember our rule #2.
It's great that you're all using the new community, but please use it well.

2. All comments must correctly follow this format.
Words are very much encouraged. If you want, you can leave a number-based rating on a scale of 1 to 5, but please describe your experience as well!

- I am the buyer/seller
- Overall experience
- Communication
- Accuracy of item description
- Shipping method
- Accuracy of estimated shipping time
or for sellers:
- Payment method
- Payment time

When linking to feedback on sales posts, for now these links are allowed
- a link to your eglfeedback page
- a link to a personal journal entry with feedback
- a link to feedback on places like eBay, Etsy, Den of Angels, etc

Notice how these things all say "links". You have to provide a working link for your sales posts to be approved! No mentions of "feedback somewhere in this journal" or "on ebay under the name xyz" and certainly no links to the old DBS, as the site is dead now.

I hope you understand and wish you all happy sales! Thanks for bearing with us, if there are any questions/comments/concerns, please comment.

This has been crossposted to egl and egl_comm_sales