May 2nd, 2010

!WTB!: IW Socks & AP Tricky Night & Lavender Blouse & Socks


I'm looking for a Lavender Blouse. Sleeve length doesn't matter though I would
prefer one that has detachable long sleeves.

I am also looking for socks that are mainly black with Lavender accents on them
so BlackXLavender. I'm not picky about the accents, they could be cakes,
flowers, candy, animals,ext.

Brand does not matter to me, though I would prefer brand.

I am looking for any AP Tricky Night accessories! Mainly Orange and Purple colors. Any accessories as long as it is Purple or Orange.

I am also looking for a certain pair of Innocent World socks. I am looking for mainly the brown or blue pair. Heres a link to a stock photo.
WTB Innocent World socks

I can pay with Paypal

My feedback page has not been completed yet but I do have Ebay Feedback.

Thanks for looking!