February 18th, 2010


Warning about Silkbraid/Milkcrown/Blacktempest/Spiderlace

This is a warning about one person with multiple accounts; silkbraid milkcrown blacktempest spiderlaceplease do NOT engage in any transactions with these users. anyone currently in a transaction with any of these users to check THIS post and file a paypal dispute.If you would like advice or information without posting feel free to PM me.

All these users will be banned from EGL comm sales. As well as this ongoing problem transaction, it has come to my attention she has a history of poor selling, and has a marketplace ban on Den of Angels under the username Nena. Along with these multiple accounts to sell under, she has also received a warning from me in the past for poor marketplace conduct. May this serve as a reminder that alternate accounts to hide your identity will not be tolerated.