February 16th, 2010


Feedback rule

I really don't want to patronize people doing this fairly often, but it's seriously scaring me how many people still do not ask for feedback. I think we need a rule that feedback is required to be mentioned. At this point i am getting the impression we have many members who are too trigger happy to throw their paypal address out straight away before asking for feedback or sometimes even proof photos. Even worse it's a brand new account they buy from. So, how about it is required you link to any feedback you have and if you have none you MUST state it? If anyone has objections to this new rule, please state them now.


warning about the_shadow_rose

the_shadow_rose who posted some items claiming she was leaving lolita, it has been revealed some of her pics are stolen from various poupee users.


i posted in her sales thread warning people her journal was new and she had no feedback, but she has since deleted the comments and not replied to me. she has listed the milky chan JSK as sold. i do not know who to. whoever this is, i suggest filing a dispute. Also i urge you to be more careful in the future; her journal in brand new, no feedback, all her images were taken on different backgrounds. She is now permabanned.

furthermore the feedback she linked to does not appear to be hers. i believe it belongs to etsplanations