January 14th, 2010

Lady Alston Gainsborough
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DS: Innocent World and offbrand

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Innocent World lace collar pullover - kinari


Only tried on, bought new from the store by a shopping service. There is a very small fuzzy spot, it's not really noticeable, you can see it on the detail pic. The knit is 65% polyester/35% rayon.

bust: 80 cm unstreched - ~88 cm
waist 68 cm
arm length 59 cm
shoulder width 34 cm
total length 53,5 cm
Price: 50$ 

Mary Magdalene replica jacket/bolero by HMHM- White

auction page

Bought new. Only tried on. The fabric is thin, it's not warm at all. It's more for summer. The lace is nice (no polyester rachel). This was supposed to be a L, fitting B92/W72. It's a replica of this
jacket. The bows are detachable with a pin back.

Bust: 90 cm MAX- better for smaller
Waist: 77 cm
Shoulder: 36 cm
Arm length: 60 cm
Total length: 52 cm
Price: 25$