November 15th, 2009


Miniskirts are not lolita

hi guys, it's hard for me to address the sheer amount of people doing this, so here goes

miniskirts are not lolita, so please stop trying to sell them here. as cute as some of them are, we have guidelines to keep the community as on topic as possible.

Punk items do fall into a gray area, and we don't mind if you post some items which are on the fence (e.g chain belts, good quality deconstructed tops) along with other clearly lolita items, but when you make a whole post full of punk items you're taking the biscuit a bit. please just look at your items and consider whether they could be worn with lolita or its substyles. hello kitty plushies, random cute towels and miniskirts sadly do not fall into this category. please do not be offended if you are asked to remove something, it's just so we can try and keep some definition to the community.

thank you.