October 27th, 2009


SCAMMER ALERT: amikothecat

it has come to our attention that amikothecat has been operating a second account baby_serena in which she recently scammed a member of this community, and has possibly had active for a long time to hide her negative feedback. furthermore, after an incident on Den of Angels where Amiko created a second account to get past her marketplace ban (which has resulted in her being completely banned) we do not feel she is fit to participate in either EGL or egl_comm_sales and thus she is now banned from both communities. can moderators of other communities please be aware of her actions and i would warn others in engaging in transactions with her. Her location is Arizona and her second name is Davis, in case others see a paypal account with these details, please tread with caution. first name omitted for obvious reasons. we cannot ban IP addresses so all i can ask you to do is watch out for these details.

ALSO if anyone has Amiko's current address could you please PM it to smellyjellymeow

thank you, on behalf of the moderation team.