May 27th, 2009

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This post is for the purpose of privately reporting misconduct of members and other concerns regarding egl_comm_sales to the moderation team. Please note there is a separate post for concerns with egl. All comments are screened and are only viewable by the moderation team and yourself. You must be logged into your account that you use in the community to leave a comment, but your identity will be kept private.

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Any comment you leave should be a legitimate concern. Any comment that appears to be a troll comment will result in an immediate permaban from egl_comm_sales. That being said, if you are unsure about your concern, don't be afraid to leave a comment about it.

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Pin Up  March 2008

Notice: New Rules + New Tags

The rules have been updated to be a bit more clear, and two new rules has been added. If you have any questions about any of this stuff, feel free to ask in the comments of this post.

The two new rules read as follows:

10. Only link to your specific items for sale.
If you are linking to a sales journal, private journal, ebay, etsy or any other non sales community page, you must link specifically to your new items only. If you link to a page where your new items are mixed in with your old, that would be in violation of rule #7.

14. Posts that are general notes to buyers/sellers will not be allowed except as a last resort.
Any update on order status or any issue of concern that can be handled privately via email or PM should not be posted to the community. If all other forms of communication have failed, only then will a post in the community will be allowed.

The two new tags are as follows:

!AC - Art Commission
This tag should be used by people who are advertising their services to do artwork commissions. This tag should not be used by those looking to purchase an artwork commission.

!AFC - Available for Commission
This tag is for use by seamstresses, jewelry makers and crafters who would like to note that they are currently available for commission and have open commission slots. You should probably not make a post of this type more than once a week or so. Otherwise you risk being perceived as annoying.

Note about tags in post titles:
If there is an official tag that will work for the type of post you're making, please use it instead of something else. For example, don't use FS or WTS when the official !DS would work perfectly.