May 12th, 2009


!DA: AP - Rose Toilette Bonnet mint, SS - Charming Ribbon Shoes - ENDED

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Secret Shop - Charming Ribbon Shoes

Winner: 50Euro by libellule13
Color: pink
Size: L
I wore these shoes only twice and they are in a mind, but used condition. The sole has typical use impressions . But there are also some difficulties. I got these shoes from nana_jun and she send me some there the push button were broken. A professional shoemaker repair this and now you have to close them by the little buckle (picture). Actually there are some places there the leather is scratched off. Please look at the picture!!!
pictures both
left one
right one

Angelic Pretty - Rose Toilette Bonnet

(picture of mine)
Winner:55 euro by herajika
Color: mint
I got this bonnet with my dress and because I don´t need two of them I want to sell one of them. I never wore this bonnet by myself. The previous ownerwore it a few times. There are no damages or strains, only the roses are frayed (picture).
picture of the roses

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