February 22nd, 2009


Official Mod Post: This New Tagging Thing.

Hello everyone,

Many of the non-trial moderators have been busy for the past couple of days, and it seems like there's quite a bit of confusion as to what to do about tagging. missmeganmaude is currently working on some very pressing business right now, but she wants this post made much sooner rather than later.

For the moment, please follow this temporary and revised version of our new second rule:

2. All posts must be correctly labeled and tagged.
Your title must begin with appropriate acronym for the type of post you're making. You must also put the type of post and your username in the field for tags at the bottom of the page where you enter your post. Improperly tagged posts will be deleted if they are not corrected in a reasonable amount of time.
  • DS - Direct Sale
  • DA - Direct Auction
  • DT - Direct Trade
  • EA - Ebay Auction
  • WTB- Want to Buy
  • GO - Group Order
Our community had yet to seriously use tags before, and this large change is definitely going to need a good deal of tweaking before we find what fits. While the idea of tagging each post with the poster's name was a good idea, we did not know that Live Journal communities are restricted to only 1,000 tags. We have a little less than 5,000 members in this community. Needless to say, we cannot possibly tag with every member's username.

If you have any comments about this specific problem we've encountered (or otherwise relating to the second rule), please feel free to make them here. Personally I've yet to read all of the backlog as to what has occurred since the rules were changed, but I'll be caught up soon enough. I know missmeganmaude's exact opinions on the matter at hand and can speak for most of the other moderators as well, so no worries there. :)

Thank you for your patience! All of us moderators, both new and old, sincerely appreciate it!