February 20th, 2009

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Sales Community Rules & Standards

Sales Community Rules & Standards

The following rules have been put into place to insure that our members are only exposed to sales posts that are valid, good quality and trustworthy through this community. Note that egl_comm_sales is not obligated in anyway to accept auction and sale posts, and judgment on whether or not to keep a sales post up is entirely up to the discretion of the moderators.

  1. All posts must be under a LJ Cut. If your post is not properly cut, it will be deleted.
    All text and images of a sales post must be under a lj cut. This includes all images images and all text. The code is <lj-cut text="Your Sales Info"> Your Text and/or <img src="your image URL here"> </lj-cut>.

    Good Example:
    ( White puff-sleeve Angelic Pretty cut-sew for direct sale. )

    Bad Example:
    Hey everyone!
    I have a really cute Angelic Pretty top for sale!
    ( Click here for details )

  2. All posts must be correctly labeled and tagged.
    Your title must begin with appropriate acronym for the type of post you're making. You must also put the type of post and your username in the field for tags at the bottom of the page where you enter your post. Improperly tagged posts will be deleted if they are not corrected in a reasonable amount of time.
    • !DS - Direct Sale

    • !DA - Direct Auction

    • !DT - Direct Trade

    • !EA - Ebay Auction

    • !WTB- Want to Buy

    • !GO - Group Order

    • !AC - Art Commission (selling, not requesting)

    • !AFC- Available for Commission

  3. All posts must include your location.
    There is a field where you can fill in your location at the bottom of the page where you enter your post. You must put your general location in that field in every post you make. Examples: London area, England; RI, USA; Central Canada; Upstate New York, USA; etc. This helps potential buyers or sellers know, at a glance, the feasibility of doing business with you.

  4. Sales posts must contain items which portray the authentic look of one of the Gothic & Lolita substyles.
    Elegant Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Punk Lolita, Hime Lolita and Elegant Gothic Aristocrat styles can all be accepted if they meet the requirements of the other guidelines.

  5. Sale items must be in the categories of clothing, accessories, shoes, and Gothic & Lolita publications only.
    Non-qualifying items will be deleted without notice.

  6. Sale items must appear to be of good quality and construction.
    If an item looks to be of poor quality because of bad construction, fabric or trim choice, it will be removed. Hand made items are perfectly acceptable, provided they do not bear the marks of an unskilled or untrained creator.

  7. You may only post your items ONE time if it is a direct LiveJournal sale, or TWO times if the sale is through an online auction service such as eBay or if it is Direct Auction via Live Journal post. Want to Buy posts may only be made once per item.
    Each individual item may only be posted once in a 4 week period. You may only repost the same item before 4 weeks have passed if you make a minimum price reduction of 20%. In the event that you have a non-paying bidder/buyer on an item, you may contact a moderator for permission to repost. Anyone caught reposting an item without mod permission or the stated price reduction within 4 weeks will be banned for a period of one month. One warning will be given in regards to this rule before a member is banned for it's violation.

  8. You may only post once every FOUR days.
    You may only make one "buying" and one "selling" post in a given four day period. Once you make any type of post, you may not repost with a post of the same type for a minimum of four days. You may link back to your older posts at the bottom of your new post, but you may only use a short and simple text link.

  9. Only link to your specific Gothic & Lolita items.
    Should you provide a link to your sales, that link must go directly to your gothic lolita items. Do not link to pages which contain a few G&L items among non-G&L items or items not for sale.

  10. Only link to your specific items for sale.
    If you are linking to a sales journal, private journal, ebay, etsy or any other non sales community page, you must link specifically to your new items only. If you link to a page where your new items are mixed in with your old, that would be in violation of rule #7.

  11. No "feeler" posts.
    You either want to sell something or buy something in this community or you don't. If you're wondering if people want to buy your item or not, than just put it up for sale. If you're wondering if people have anything available for you to buy, post a serious WTB. Feelers are a waste of everyone's time, and they needlessly clutter the community. Feeler posts will be deleted without warning or explanation. If you repost a feeler post after yours was deleted, you will be perma-banned for failing to read the rules before posting.

  12. Images of the items for sale must clearly show the details of an item.
    Sales posts containing images that are very dark, very small, or contain blurriness that keeps the details of an item from being shown will be deleted. Additionally, images must be on your own webspace. Hotlinking is not tolerated, and it will result in immediate delation.

  13. Do not delete comments unless they are clearly irrelevant.Please do not delete comments that are part of a sales transaction since this can make keeping track of what's going on very difficult. Additionally, comments left by the moderation can be screened so as to clear up your sales page, but they cannot be deleted without permission.

  14. Posts that are general notes to buyers/sellers will not be allowed except as a last resort.
    Any update on order status or any issue of concern that can be handled privately via email or PM should not be posted to the community. If all other forms of communication have failed, only then will a post in the community will be allowed.

  15. Additionally, moderators reserve the right to delete any post they deem inappropriate, even if it's not directly addressed in the rules. Please e-mail one of the Administrators should you have any questions or problems about post deletion. Administrators will give warning and ban members when necessary according to the schedule outlined in the ban policy.
Pin Up  March 2008

New and Revised Sales Community Rules

The rules of the sales community have been revised and amended. Please take the time to review the rules, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, voice them in this post.

The new sales community rules can be found either in the link in the sidebar on the main community page, or they can be found on the community's profile page.

Now that the the new rules are in place, the candidates for the two new mod positions have been instated and officially have mod powers! Let's wish them all good luck!