February 18th, 2009

egl administrator

COMMUNITY: Finalists for New Sales Community Mod Event

The moderation team has reviewed all of the members who volunteered to try out for the position of sales community moderator, and we have decided on the following seven candidates. They have all been notified via the lj message system.

North American Time Zones

Non-North American Time Zones

Over the next two weeks, everyone should pay attention to how these seven candidates work out as sales community moderators. The final vote will be taken via lj poll on Monday March 2nd. Every community member will have the opportunity to vote for one candidate on both the North American Time Zones list and the Non-North American Time Zones list. We're doing it this way because we want to be sure we get at least one mod from a Non-North American Time Zone, and we definitely need at least one more mod in the North American Time Zones. If you take issue with actions taken by any of these candidates, please contact a member of the official moderation team.

The seven candidates will become active as moderators tomorrow afternoon. These candidates must behave as if they are real mods for the duration of this event. That means anyone currently participating in a wank community must not do so. Mods are only allowed to comment in such communities to defend or explain themselves or the actions taken by the moderation team. That also means they need to generally follow the job description of moderators as described below. Any candidate found to be engaging in inappropriate behavior will be automatically disqualified.

The job of a sales community moderator is to:
1. Delete inappropriate posts (posts that break the community rules or are off topic).
2. Remind people when they break the rules and give them a small amount of time to change their posts. Otherwise leave a comment noting the reason for the post's deletion. This depends on the severity of the infraction.
3. Give out warnings and ban people for inappropriate conduct. (Candidates cannot ban members without asking the official moderation team first)
4. Handle complaints, questions and feedback about the community and it's members (through email/AIM etc...)
5. Be thinking of ways to improve the community and solve problems.

In addition, a sales community mod an be expected to:
1. Follow all the community rules herself.
2. Be polite and courteous to all members in and out of the community.
3. Be clear with every action she's taking.
4. Keep the community aware of any issues that may affect them.
5. Not actively participate in any hate/wank/gossip communities.