February 16th, 2009

egl administrator

COMMUNITY: New Sales Community Mod Event

Okay, so calling it an event is kind of silly, but I didn't want to call it a contest either. The moderation team has been frustrated for some time with trying to keep up with sales posts, and with the recent loli_secret post addressing the subject, it's time to make a move in a new direction.

We're going to be picking two new mods for the sales community. These mods will not have mod powers in the main egl community. Their job will be to enforce rules for the posts in the sales community only. These mods will have the power to delete posts, warn members and ban trolls. They will have to get approval through the rest of the moderation team to ban non-trolls.

The way this event will work is as follows. People who are interested in being sales mods will volunteer in this post. We will make seven of these volunteers mods of the sales community for the next two weeks. Then on Monday March 2nd, I will post a live-journal poll so that the community members can vote on who they want to be the two new official mods. The two people with the highest number of votes in the poll will become sales community mods, and everyone else who participated as a potential mod will be switched back to normal member status.

By choosing the new moderators in this way, the community members will have a say in who is making the decisions about sales posts. Since everyone will be able to see the potential mods in action over the next two weeks, there will be some real basis on who to vote for.

If you're interested in being a sales community mod, please comment below stating so. If you're not interested in being a mod, feel free to make endorsement comments under people's comments who have volunteered. This will help the moderation team choose the seven people who will be potential mods. People who have received an official warning in either the sales community or the main egl community within the last 6 months will not be chosen as candidates.

EDIT: If you are chosen to be one of the two new official mods for the sales community, you must not participate in any wank communities. This rule applies to all current mods, and so it must apply to new ones as well. You can be currently active in wank communities to try for one of the two positions, but you'll just have to give them up if chosen.