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DS: Cleaning my Closet

* My feedback page:
*I have a cat.  He goes no where near my lolita closet and I lint roll every item just in case, but be aware in case you are really allergic.
*First person who can pay in full and requests an invoice to their paypal address gets the item.  For your safety, please pm me your paypal and comment to let me know that you are doing so.  Otherwise, paypal addresses will be screened.
* I can do holds and payment plans for items over $100 after a 20% deposit is paid.
* I ship from the United States; prices are in USD and include shipping within the US + tracking
*International shipping is an additional $5 for small items and $10 for larger items, but feel free to ask for a specific quote.
* I am not responsible for lost items and I do not do refunds unless there are extreme circumstances.  All items will have tracking, but if a package doesn't show up when it's supposed to, let me know so that I can contact the post office and I will do everything I can.
* Feel free to make reasonable offers! ^_^

Sorry for the inconsistency in lighting!  I started off with good lighting, then ironed some items.  When went back to taking pictures, the light had faded.  I will take better pictures by request.

~Moi Meme Moite Skirt in Black~
Laid flat, Label
Absolutely gorgeous, but I have nothing that really goes with it. Never worn out by me.
Previous Owner:
A small Size 2, max 25 inches (63.5cm)!
$120 shipped

~Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Skirt in Chocolate~ SOLD
Label, Adjustable Waist-band
Headbow included for free!
I've only worn it once and it's still new!
Purchased from comm_sales, I couldn't find the original sales post.
hellolace entry:
Measurements: waist 24in (62)- 28in (72 cm); 44 cm+ 3cm of lace length
$250 shipped

~Burgundy Skirt by Malco Modes~

Tag, Spread out with proof (color is off)
A square-dancing skirt, but could work for classic or as an under-skirt.
The skirt is loose & too long on me.  It would look better on someone taller.
Manufacturer's Tag: Partners Please! by Malco Modes San Francisco (no size)
Waist 27in (69cm) minimum to 34in (87cm) for comfort; Length: 23 (58cm)
$15 shipped

~Dracula Purple Halter jsk with matching headdress~
Back, Side, Lace Detail, Worn picture
Dracula is a Chinese indie brand. 
The lace is absolutely gorgeous and good quality, but the fabric is worn from washing.
Only the lace on the halter is itchy, I recommend wearing it with a blouse underneath.
I hardly wear gothic, so I think I've worn it twice.
No shirring.  Measurements: bust 32-34in (81-86cm), waist 24-26in (61-66cm)
$120 shipped

~BtSSB white blouse~ SOLD
Previous owner never wore it and I've never worn it because it's too big on me.
It's about a size medium and the arm width is generous.
Amateur Measurements:  36in (91cm) bust, 30in (76cm) waist
Close up of beautiful logo
$75 $55 shipped

~Alice and the Pirates Rose Ribbon Knit~
The picture with flash doesn't do it justice, I will take some better ones in the morning!
Bought directly from BabySF.  I haven't worn it outside since I bought it.
I thought the size would be okay if I wore it with a blouse underneath but it's still too loose.
Only found information on the cardigan, link has good detail pictures:
Measurements: bust 34in (62), waist 25-28in (64cm-71cm)
$50 shipped

~Short Sleeve White Anna House Blouse~
A size small and meant for a short torso.  It does have shirring in the back.
Purchased from comm_sales, I only tried it on.  Original seller said that it's missing a bow.
Originally bought here:
Bust: 32 inches (81cm) to 34 in (87cm)
Waist: 25 inches (64cm) to 28 inches (71cm)

$35 shipped
$30 Shipped SOLD

~BPN Blouse~
Slight yellowing on the inside collar, can probably be removed.
Bought used from a friend, but I've never worn it myself.
Bust 32in- 36in (81cm- 91),  waist 24 to 30 (61cm-76cm)
$25 shipped

~Offbrand Light Pink Blouse~
I bought this three-quarter sleeve blouse used and it's in great condition. 
I've never worn it; I just don't wear pink.  Color is more accurate in the second picture.
Measurements: Bust: 34 inches (86 cm)
Waist: 34 inches (86 cm)
$15 $12 $10 shipped

~h.Naoto Frill Ribbon Clutch~
A similar one is sold out on the h.Naoto site for $41.37:
Bought from the h.Naoto SF opening.  I've only used it about once or twice.
$25 shipped
From Left to Right:
BtSSB brown striped knee socks- $25 $20 shipped
Bodyline mint knee socks- worn once, but pilled from the dryer, $7 $5 shipped or free with any $100+ purchase
Bodyline sax blue stripe macaroon knee socks (New)- $7 $5 shipped SOLD
Target blue polka dots knee socks, New- $7 $5 shipped or free with any purchase $100+
BtSSB sax Falling Cherry OTK socks (bought from Baby SF)- $25 $20 shipped
Angelic Pretty Donut Border OTK (bought at AP SF's opening!)-  $25 shipped- SOLD

~GLB Volume 24~
Stickers, Pattern
Purchased new.  Stickers intact, Patterns still attached.
$20 shipped
~Thanks for looking!~

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