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DS: IW Arabesque Rose JSK and 20% off lots of offbrand items!!!

My feedback page
Terms of Sale:
-First come, first serve. If you ask a question then don't respond to my reply within 12 hours, I'll move on to the next person.
-Paypal only. I ship by USPS Priority Mail. I will not ship out of the US without insurance.
-Feel free to make offers, but I reserve the right to sell to someone willing to pay full price.

Innocent World Arabesque Rose JSK, Long Version, Green- $225 +shipping
  • Absolutely beautiful dress of subtley floral textured cotton and chiffon
  • Worn only once or twice, since I've decided it's not really my style
  • No flaws
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(note: I am selling the long version)
Hellolace page

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An*tai*na Boots- $75 $60 +shipping
  • I had these custom made for me, so I was disappointed when they got here and were too big. I wear a US size 10 and would recommend these for size 10.5 or 11.
  • The boot shaft was custom made for a calf width of 38 cm, and the boot is slightly longer than their standard size- so if you're a tall and/or curvier girl, these will be perfect :)
  • The brown bows are detachable, and clip onto a cute little heart shape.

In the Starlight blouse- $50 $40 +shipping
  • Bought from the now closed In the Starlight when they still did custom pieces. Worn once.
  • Very well made and in perfect condition! The fabric doesn't wrinkle easily and is light enough for spring or fall.
  • Will fit best on someone with a bust of 34-36" and waist 28-30"
  • Has a defined waist and flares to accommodate full skirts.
  • Perfect for goth or aristo.

Offbrand hoodie- $40 $32 +shipping
  • Lace in the hood, at the sleeves, and on the bustle in the back! Also has puffed sleeves and a cinched waist
  • Bought off comm_sales a couple years ago but never worn by me
  • Slight fading
  • Would best fit 34" bust

Handmade Blue Cupcake Skirt: $20 $16 +shipping
  • Handmade by me. Half shirred waist, no lining, all seams finished.
  • Will fit a waist 28-31 inches, over which the gathering in the back will be too stretched out. Length is 22 inches.

Thanks for looking!
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