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!DS: 20% reduced AATP Opera Millefeuille OP

+ I am shipping from France.

+ I have three cats and a smoking mom. While I keep them away from my fancy clothes, please be aware of this if you have bad allergies.

+ I'd rather give priority to French/European buyers for obvious reasons, but international buyers are welcome too.

+ I only accept paypal.

+ First person to post their paypal address and pay full price will get the item.

+ Shipping and Paypal fees are NOT included in the price, due to paypal and the post apparently having different concepts of geography.
To put it simply: I can't exactly check if all countries with the same shipping fee (for example countries from the EU) share the same PP fee as well. This gets confusing quickly.
Also please keep in mind that shipping can get pricey.

So international buyers: Please inquire.

Insurance can be purchased for an additional €1 for every €150 of the value of the package. So a €200 dress can be insured for €2, a €300 one for €2, a €305 one for €3 etc.

I don't automatically insure packages. So please don't blame me if you don't buy it and don't get a refund in case your package goes missing.
Which brings me to another point I'd like to make:

+ I am NOT responsible for a package stolen or lost in the mail, especially if you live in a country that is notorious to have problems with that. If something like that were to happen, I'd help you the best of my ability, but please understand that I don't work for the post and therefore can't do much.

+ No returns.

+ Once you agree to buy something from me, I'll assume you have read all of this. Yup.

+ Here's my eglfeedback

/End TL;DR and onto the fun stuff:

100 euros

Official information and close ups:

*Please note: I'd say the measurements are off on this, when I was a 68 cm waist I could fit in it, but barely. The buttons would close, but snap open if I happened to bend over. So I'd recommend being a bit smaller than that for it to fit properly. I believe the bust, on the other hand, fit me fine, and I am a bit above 80 cm.

I'll take more measurements if needed, feel free to ask. :)
*Also this has loose treads, LOTS of. This is part of the design, and because of this, the dress looks a bit 'messier' in real life. Just letting you know in case this is not something you like. I think it makes it look 20% cooler, personally.

Proof picture
Bust close-up
(It might look a bit yellowed in some pictures, but this is just a case of poor lightning, sorry about that.)
It is in good condition from what I could see, aside from some pilling on the right back side, near the waist.

I also have an Angelic Pretty dress and its matching headpiece for sale here. :)

Thanks for looking!
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