December 24th, 2007


I'm just here to warn people about seller simply26.
A recent buyer/"seller" that has been causing quite a stir on the community.

I recently sold my cherry skirt to her, a couple of weeks ago, to be exact on the recency, I got an email this morning stating that simply26 or "Vanessa Gonzalez" has filed a PayPal dispute against me.
There was an email from her along with the dispute, but I don't think that really made it clear as to why it was made in the first place.

Basically, I would lean towards not doing business with her, she is very impatient (sends too many emails saying the same thing over and over again, also files disputes just because she's "worried" about her item, causing the seller a lot of stress), types very poorly (to the point where people need to spend the next hour re-reading one paragraph), and quite frankly, I don't really think she's an honest buyer.

Thank you.

"the claim your reading is late and has been terminated because i was man enough to say sorry i was wrong"
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