December 18th, 2007

cuppycakeland - bad seller warning

I am just warning everyone about the LJ seller cuppycakeland</lj>. Myself and several others bought shoes from her in october and as far as i am aware no one has recieved anything yet. Some others seem to be satisified with her constant excuses and lies about when the items would be sent but i am not. I have had no response from her for over a week now, biro</lj>has also emailed her and recieved no response about getting a refund. Since she seems to be quite an active seller i thought it would be better to warn people here, since she is especially good at formulating excuses up until it is no longer possible to file a paypal dispute and  then completely dissapear. If this is not the case i hope she will reply here as so far the only sure way to get a response from her is to publically out her bad salesmanship. I hope for the good of her reputation she can refund biro</lj>s payment and the other people who have bought from her. I don't know what happened, whether the shoes ever existed, if the manufactures messed her around, or something completely different but i am sure that whatever happened, an honest response, rather than constant excuses and poor replies would have been much appreciated. Also does anyone know an honest seller who can get secretshop shoes? i still  really want a pair.  
If you bought shoes from her in this post
 and did/did not recieve them please comment here so i can get a clearer idea of what is going on. Also if anyone else has any experiance with her good or bad please leave a message.
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