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!DS: Innocent World Frederick Coat, Fanplusfriend, Offbrand

Terms of Sale:
 Prices are in USD, negotiable
 Shipping fees are not included
 Payment by Paypal only (I do not charge fees)
♥ Smoke-free, pet-free home
 Priority goes to the first serious commenter. Please comment before sending a PM. If the invoice is not paid within 24 hours, priority will go to the next in line.

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1893614.html 

Innocent World Tartan Check Frederick Coat in white
Includes caplet and waist ties
Bust: MAX 90cm Waist: 80cm Length: 100cm

photo copy 8

Fanplusfriend gray Bunny Hood Cardigan
Includes detachable sleeves
Bust: MAX 88cm Waist: 75cm Length: 54cm+3

photo copy 2

Offbrand black long-sleeved blouse
has corset lacing on lower back
Bust: MAX 95cm Waist: Max 95cm, Min 68cm Length: 54cm

Handmade headbow
photo 3
Thank you for looking!
Tags: color:black, color:brown, color:grey, color:red, color:white, fanplusfriend, handmade, innocent world, item:blouse, item:cardigan, item:hair accessory, item:hoodie/parka, item:outerwear, offbrand
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