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!DS: Bodyline Dress + cheap offbrand blouse

Hello there and thank you for clicking my post! :D

*~Only Paypal accepted~*
*~Shipping not included~*
*~Prefer to ship within the U.S.~*
Feel free to ask any questions! ^_^

1. Bodyline Tartan Strapless JSK in Red with White lace
~Size 2L
~Colorway no longer available on Bodyline site
~Worn once, in great condition
~Choker modified to fit neck properly (I can add pictures if requested, as well as measurement to make sure it would fit anyone who may be interested)
Asking $50 without shipping.
((sorry about the odd angle, couldn't get good light any other way >.<))
2. Bodyline Love Nadia Skirt in Pink TRADED
~Size M
~Worn once, great condition
Asking $25 w/o shipping
3. Black, short-sleeved Offbrand blouse (eBay)  TRADED
~Good condition, thin fabric, working on wrinkles, though they're not very bad. 
~Only worn once to try on
Asking $15 w/o shipping
4. White, long-sleeved Offbrand blouse (same eBay store)
~Good condition, thin fabric, working on wrinkles. 
~Black ribbon will be included.
~Only worn once to try on
Asking $15 w/o shipping
Thank you for your interest! <3 
Tags: !ds, bodyline, color:black, color:pink, color:red, color:white, item:blouse, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, offbrand
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