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DS/DT! Angelic Pretty Dresses! Toy Parade, Dreamy Dollhouse, Powder Rose, and LP print!

Hello and thanks for taking time to look at my sales!

Here are my rules of sale. Please read them before buying or questioning. You can PM me if you are more comfortable, but please write here that you sent a PM :)

1. I ship by priority only and shipping is not included in the price unless stated. Please let me know where you are living and I will give you a shipping quote. I can ship overseas as well! Please let me check for shipping. Sometimes prices at my mail office are higher/lower than shown online, so please bear this in mind! Dresses are usually $11.95 in the U.S.
2. I am not responsible for lost packages if you do not want tracking. I can get tracking quotes for you if you would like.
3. I will mark items as gift and mark down the price, but I can only insure the package for the marked down price, so keep this in mind.
4.Holds and trades are accepted. I will do a hold for a week at 20% down
and longer if there is about 50% down. Ask me about payment plans. I
have the right to refuse if you have little or no feedback.
5.Paypal fees are your responsibility, but you can send the payment as a gift to avoid fees.
6. My measurements are 38"-40" bust, 30"-31" inch waist, so please keep this in mind when trading!
7. I have the right to cancel sale at any time (before payment)!
8. My items come from a smoking and pet-loving home, but I will try my best to make sure they are free of hair. Thanks for understanding!

I will only trade for Moi-meme-Moitie's Stained Glass Chiffon Sun Dress jsk, Chantilly's Phantom Merry-go-Round in white, or Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party re-release shirred jsk in black! All others will be considered, but I am really set on something from my wishlist!

1. Toy Parade jumperskirt + headbow set in white, 440 shipped in the U.S.A.

One of my favorite prints! I never got the chance to wear it or even try it on before I decided to switch styles unfortunately. This was bought directly from the AP San Francisco website. The price is approximately what I paid for it. I'd like to get that back so I can purchase one of my new dream dresses.



2. Dreamy Dollhouse jumperskirt + headbow set in mint, $350 plus shipping

One of my dream dresses from when I was into sweet! I won it off an mbok auction and it came with a gift that will also be included. The print is so sparkly and beautiful! The stock pictures don't do this dress justice at all! The colors are so pretty in real life. And for those who know the pain of completing a set, I hunted down this bow and it came to me all the way from Australia! So that's why the price might seem a little higher.



3. Powder Rose jumperskirt + headdress and barrette set in yellow, $320 plus shipping

Such a hard dress to come by! It rarely pops up anywhere, even auction sites! And even harder to find the headdress and big barrette with it! The print is not OTT and can work with a toned down sweet look, or you can go all out and look like a walking rose garden! Either way, you'll look stunning in this chiffon print, which resists wrinkles. A good thing for those who despise ironing!


Proof - Sorry for the colors and lighting, I tried my best working with my dark house's lighting ;_;

4. Lucky Pack "Original Print" jumperskirt + headbow set in black, 150 shipped in the U.S.A.  Payment Pending

I was so happy to find this dress on mbok! This print is compared to Magical Etoile as it features some of the same motifs. The polkadots look so adorable on the black colorway and the print really pops! It is easy to coordinate because the print has many different colors. A nice inexpensive print for those on a budget!


My feedback:

Thanks for looking!

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