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!DS&Updates: Secret Shop, Infanta, Classical Puppets

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Secret Shop

Short Boots New Group Order (US$69.95)
Colours: Black, Brown, Cream & Deep Red
Sizes: S(22.5cm), M(23.5cm), L(24.5cm)
*If you're interested in joining the group order, please send me an email or PM. You will not be invoiced until there are min 80 orders. The specifications are the same as the last group order.
*The group order will close when there are 80 orders.
VM Short Boots Replica Sample 3 - 2


Infanta Power and Throne Blouse (US$46.95)

Infanta Check Alice JSK (US$67.95)

Infanta Frilled Pleuche Bolero (US$36.95)

Classical Puppets

Classical Puppets Steam Victorian Shoes
- Calfskin leather (US$91.95)

Classical Puppets Steam Victorian Short Boots - Calfskin leather(US$123.95)

Classical Puppets Black Tulip High Waisted Corset Skirt (US$64.95)
Classical Puppets Black Tulip JSK (US$75.95)
Classical Puppets Black Tulip One Piece (US$77.95)

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