Chocolateteaparty (chocoteaparty) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Resolved ^.^

Hello girls and mods,

on the 4th of october I bought a h.Naoto tank top from the user singlittlebirdx (formerly ohladysolo, ladyxlike ). Since today it did not arrive.
I live in Germany and the seller lives in the United States of America. Normaly sendings from the USA take about 3-6 weeks to arrive here in Germany.
Last week it was 6 weeks for the parcel to arrive. I contacted the seller via Livejournal and through Facebook  ( I also saw her sell post in the Lolita Sales in English group on Facebook.) on both of her profiles since she is also a well known person and model.
She did not reply to any of my messages and I could see, that she did not read my messages on Facebook.

Does anbody know her personally and could contact her please? I just wanted to know, when she shipped the parcel out.

I will be thankfull for any help. ^.^
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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