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DS: Closet Cleaning Pt.1 - Meta and off-brand

• My feedback:
• I ship from the USA, zip code 15215
• Payment through Paypal only, sorry! First person to leave their PP address gets it. If the sale falls through, then the next person, etc.
• I am open to offers!
• Payments are better than trades right now, sorry. I'll look at trades (no pink or yellow please) but in general I need the money.
• Once the item is shipped, I am no longer responsible for it. Once you buy, I'll quote you prices and you can choose what kind of shipping you'd like
• I have two cats, if you're extremely allergic this is not the post for you! They don't have direct contact with my lolita usually, but their fur gets everywhere.
• Free gift as long as supplies last! But it's a surprise~

Metamorphose Temps de Fille Candy House Jumper - $230 + shipping
So cute, I have this in two versions and this is the first one I'll sell. Rare mint color way of this print!! Partial shirring in the back. Slight damage, there is one button from the waist ties missing. Can be seen here.
Bust: 34~36 (there's a lot of shirring, some in front and some in the back
High Waist: ~30 (again, shirring and waist ties)

Malco Modes Petticoat - $45 + shipping SOLD
I paid $50 + shipping, and never wore this. It's really really fluffy. It came from Candy Violet but I don't think they sell them anymore.
Size L
Waist: 27-50"
Length: 23 inches

Mint Bodyline Pannier (pan032) - $10 + shipping SOLD
Worn a few times, not extremely fluffy on it's own, it would need to be layered. Also good for other j-fashion. Measurements from Bodyline.
Length 35cm
Waist 64-80cm

Candy Violet Sax Princess Set - $50 + shipping
Bought this ages ago, wore it a few times and it was dry cleaned once. Set is a bustier style top and a skirt. Willing to split them, $25 each. Some damage on the skirt where the zipper is, see here

In The Starlight Headdress - $10 + shipping SOLD
Black, worn a few times. Old school style headdress.

Handmade Cream x Red skirt - $20 + shipping
Handmade, does not fit me anymore. Worn once.
Waist: 26 inches
Length: 23 inches

Handmade purple x black skirt - $20 + shipping SOLD
Too big for me now as well
Waist: 37.5 inches
Length: 20 inches

Closer to true color: 

photo 1
photo 2

White Bodyline OP (L340) - $30 + shipping
Length 94cm
Bust 92-102cm
Waist 76-86cm
Worn once, bow is detachable

Bodyline RHS in black (shoes 194) - $45 + shipping SALE PENDING
Size 24.5
Never worn brand new

Offbrand Grey Music Note Socks - $10 + shipping
Bought used, I put them through the wash twice but never wore them myself.

Please feel free to make me an offer. I want this stuff gone.
Tags: !da, *plus size, bodyline, candy violet, color:blue, color:cream, color:green, color:grey, handmade, in the starlight, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:shoes, item:skirt, metamorphose, offbrand
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