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DS: Black Rocking Horse Bodyline Shoes size 23.00

- Price is in USD
- I ship from Israel
- PayPal only
- First person to leave their PayPal gets the Item.
- I ship worldwide
- Shipping cost is according to your country - please ask so I can calculate.
- will be shipped in a box.
- my feedback can be found here

I am selling these Bodyline black rocking horse shoes in size 23.00. These are BRAND NEW - never worn, only tried on at home and found out they are too small for me.
I am selling these so I can buy an new pair in a bigger size.

Price: 41 USD
Shipping to the USA : 10 USD
Shipping to Europe / other - Please inquire and I will calculate shipping costs.

* the two flowers that came with it will be included.

stock photo

proof photo

Thank you~ If you have any questions please ask :)

Tags: bodyline
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