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DS : Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Kidsyoyo, Victorian Maiden

Hi, hi!

I am currently looking to sell these items as soon as possible. I am not interested in trades.

My feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/390759.html


-I have a cat, so if you have allergies beware.
-I live in a non-smoking home.
-I will sell in priority to buyers Canada and US.
-I will only ship internationally via small packages by airmail. This means there is no tracking.
-Packages sent in Canada will be sent via Purolator with tracking. No extra fees!
-I will ONLY accept payal. Fees are included in the price.
-Prices listed are in USD (or CAD for Canadians) dollars. 
-People from Montreal can arrange a local pick up.
-Priority goes to first person to leave their paypal (you can comment and send it via PM)
-I will mark package as gift and/or used clothing.
-Once payment is done, I will ship the Item as soon as I can. I usually go to the post office on week-ends.
-I'd rather not do any payment plans at the moment since I need to sell them ASAP.
-Please note that most items, unless stated, are in USED condition. I do my best to look at the garments closely before putting it up for sale, but it’s possible that I miss something. I am neither a professional nor a store. Thank you for your understanding.


Angelic Pretty Memorial Cake Headbow in WHITE – 45$ + shipping (Canada: 5$, USA: 8$, International 10$)

Bought on mbok and never worn by be. It is so gorgeous in person, I’m very sad to let it go, but I just don’t wear it.

Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Socks in LAVENDER  - 30$ + shipping (Canada: 5$, USA:8$, International 10$)

NEW! Never worn nor tried on, they still have the metal clasp. I do not have the tags because they were bought from a shopping service.

Angelic Pretty  Lady rose skirt in MINT – 170$ + shipping (Canada : 10$, USA: 15$, International: 20$)


Bought on the sales comm, worn once by me. Features an amazing lace bustle in the back! Comes with waist ties and detachable bow.  
measurments from hello lace : 
46cm + 2cm (ball fringe), 63~75cm waist

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Jacquard Rose skirt  in BEIGE – 60$ +shipping (Canada : 10$, USA: 15$, International: 20$)
Bought on mbok, never worn. Old design from baby, I think it’s from 2003. It has a organdy petticoat attached inside. Despite being older, it’s still in good shape. I’ve never worn it because it’s a bit tight on me.
measurments : 52cm length, 62~69cm waist (takent from Hello Lace)
print close up : DSC08982

Kidsyoyo Marionette Girl replica in BLACKxWHITE +headbow  – 100$ + shipping (Canada: 15$, USA: 25$) due to weight, I will not ship internationally!

Bought on Qutieland, only tried on. I realized it’s not my style anymore. It comes with the matching headbow. Since it’s heavy, I will not ship internationally.

approximate measurements taken by me : bust : 30-26 inches, waist : 23-30 inches, length: 37 inches

The SnowField Forest Story skirt – 45$ + shipping (Canada : 10$, USA: 15$, International: 20$)

DSC08983 DSC08984
I ordered it directly from The Snowfield. It’s a beautiful design, made a bit longer than the normal version by request. I never worn it nor tried on and I don’t think I’ll ever wear it, so I’m selling it. It has very cute animals on it!

measurements : waist 24-32 inches, length : 28 inches

Victorian Maiden Lace Chiffon Doll op  in AQUA – 240$ + shipping (Canada : 10$, USA: 15$, International: 20$)

I bought this from the local comm, sadly it does not fit me right. It’s been worn a few times by the previous owner. It had some stains when I got it, but I got it dry cleaned and it’s back to normal.
measurments from hello lace : 
95cm length, 37cm shoulder width, 85cm bust, 75cm waist, 28cm cuff, 204cm hem

Thank you very much for looking! Don’t hesitate if you have questions or want to make an offer. 

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