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DS: AP Melody Doll black skirt

Hi. Shipping cost and paypal fees (4%+40 cent for EU buyers, 5%+40 cent for worldwide buyers) are not included. If you want to avoid fees you can pay as gift
-International buyers are welcome
-I'll not sell to users without feedbacks unless they are willing to pay within 1 hour
-Feedback here http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/326966.html
-I'll ship with the cheapest shipping method, let me know if you want a tracked one
- I ship within 7 working days, if you agree with this please be patient
-I'm not responsible for lost packages
-Item goes to whoever leaves a comment here and send their paypal address via pm first and pay the full price
-NO trades
-NO holds
-No e-checks
-Absolutely no back outs
-SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY PLEASE, I don't want to waste my time for nothing

Angelic Pretty Melody Doll black skirt

proof http://i.imgur.com/Ba2al.jpg
Conditions: Bought here as "very good" conditions but the fabric has some pilling ( I managed to remove most of the pilling) the print is grey, things that the previous seller didn't state. I've never used it.
print and fabric detail http://i.imgur.com/9Z3My.jpg
Measurements: waist 60-73 cm
Price: 70 euro (bought for 80+shipping)

Thanks for looking
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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