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DS: Dresses, Bloomers, Shoes, Wigs

~ My EGL feedback can be found here and ebay feedback here
~ I have a dog, so please keep that in mind if you have allergies
~ I do not smoke so my dresses will not smell like smoke either
~ All prices are negotiable of course, just ask and we will see
~ Paypal is my preferred payment method, but if you live in the EU banktransfer is possible
~ Shipping prices outside of the Netherlands can be quite expensive, please keep that in mind!
~ I am not responsible for any lost packages once I leave it at the postal office
~ I try to describe the items as good as I possibly can
~ If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Hello Princesses and Princes!

If you have any questions, please let me know.
And if you would like to buy something,
Please post here first before you're going to PM me.
Then at least other people know someone already had interest in the item.

I have been out of the comm for a while,
So I try to price my items as best as I can for what I can remember :P
Like I said before I am willing to negotiate about the price but please stay reasonable.

Also the dresses still have their waist ties,
But they are not in the pictures because I keep them nice and clean in my closet.

Thank you! :3

Some information I use comes from Lolibrary/Hellolace.

~ Dresses ~

Name: Pocket Embroidery
Brand: Baby the stars shine bright
Type of dress: JSK
Year: 2010
Color: Pink
Features: Lining, Back shirring, Corset lacing, Side zip.
Size: I believe this is the L size, which means:
Bust 84 - 100 cm
Waist 72 - 88 cm
Length 95,5 cm.

Asking price: 150 euro

I am the second owner, but the contidion is really good.
I have worn it a few times, but it stayed with that because it is to big on me.
The lace holes of the back lacing are a little bit stretched though, but I received it like that.
Please take a look at the pictures for more details.

Additional pictures:
Lacing holes are a little bit stretched
Another close up of a small flaw
Proof of ownership with unicorn plush


Name: Ribbon Princess Drop
Brand: Baby the stars shine bright
Type of dress: JSK
Year: 2008
Color: Lavender
Features: Lining, Back shirring, Corset lacing, Side zip.
Bust 78 - 90 cm,
Waist 74 - 86 cm,
Length 95 cm.

Asking price: 130 euro

I am the second owner, but the dress is in quite good condition.
I have only worn it a few times as well, because this one is to big on me as well.
The lace holes of the back lacing are a little bit stretched, received it like that.
Lace/ribbon is also damaged (the lace that makes the corset), received it like that.
Of course you are able to use a new lace/ribbon if you find a matching one.

On top of the zipper where the little hooks are there is missing one,
So you can really only close it with the zipper.
Also the upper bow on the dress is a little bit loose.
Please look at the pictures for more details.

Additional pictures:
Corset lacing left side
Coset lacing right side
The lace/ribbon of the corset lacing
Missing hook above the zipper
Upper ribbon is a little bit loose
Proof picture


Name: Baby Ribbon
Brand: Baby the stars shine bright
Type of dress: JSK
Year: 2008
Color: Lavender
Features: Lining, Back shirring, Corset lacing, Detachable bow, Detachable waist ties, Side zip.
Bust 84 cm according to Lolibrary, but it stretches! (my bust is 92 cm)
Waist 72 cm according to Lolibrary, also stretches because of the shirring.
Length 94 cm.

Asking price: 120 euro

I also only worn this dress a few times, because I didn't like how it looked on me afterall. 
Even though I am the second owner this dress is in really good condition!

Additional pictures:
Back lacing of the dress
Proof picture


Name: Bunny-chan Dressing Up
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Type of dress: JSK
Year: 2006
Color: Pink
Features: Lining, Build in petti, Back shirring, Detachable bow, Detachable waist ties, Side zip.
Bust 88 cm according to Hellolace, but it stretches (my bust is 92 cm)
Waist 70 cm according to Hellolace, also stretches because of the shirring.
Length 91 cm.

Asking price: 110 euro

I am the second owner of this dress and I have worn it a lot.
The dress is still on quite good condition and is warm in my opinion.
There are a few flaws which are that the detachable ribbon has made a small hole in the dress,
And the ribbon at the bottom has a few part that stick out (see pictures please, hard to describe).
Other than that the dress surely is still in great share and beautiful,
The bunny and embroidery are still beautiful and the back shirring is great too.

Additional pictures:
The bunny and embroidery
The back shirring
The hole in the dress because of the ribbon
How some parts of the lower ribbon stick out
Proof picture


Name: I honestly can't find any information
Brand: Angelic Pretty
Type of dress: OP
Year: Bought in 2009
Color: Black x White
Features: Lining, Build in petti, Back shirring, Detachable waist ties.
Please keep in mind this dress has NO zipper, only shirring.
I am not sure about the measurements! So I use mine as max!
Of course it stretches, but keep in mind it goes over the head with only stretch to help you, no zipper!

Bust 92 cm
Waist 70 cm
Length 83 cm.

Asking price: 150 euro

As you can see I couldn't get it over my dressing form, but a human is more bendable :P
It really is a very beautiful dress and I bought it myself in 2009, only worn it about 4 times.
The dress is in gorgeous condition, there really are no flaws except that I have lost one of the waist tie buttons,
I guess it wasn't that well attached, because I lost it the first time I wore the dress sadly.

Additional pictures:
Lost button
Proof picture


Name: I don't know the name
Brand: Innocent World
Type of dress: OP
Year: /
Color: Old Pink (I think)
Features: No shirring at all, Zipper at the back, Detachable waist ties, Neck ribbon.
Please keep in mind this dress has NO zipper at all.

I'll assume it has the standard IW measurements, it fits me just fine and I wouldn't go much higher than this.
Bust 92 cm
Waist 72 cm
Length 93 cm.

Asking price: 150 euro

I am the second owner of the dress and I have only tried it on.
The dress just doesn't look that good on me, so I have had it hanging around for a while.
This dress is in wonderful condition and I think it is also very beautiful.
The only flaw I was able to find is a really small stain in the lace of the arm,
But perhaps it might go out when it is cleaned, I haven't tried that yet.

Additional pictures:
Zipper in the back
A very small stain in the lace
Proof picture



Brand: Baby the stars shine bright
Color: Black
Price: 20 euro

These have never been worn and are in really good condition,.

Proof picture


Brand: Bodyline
Color: White or Pink
Price: 10 euro a piece or 15 euro for both

Never been worn, both are in really good condition.

Proof picture


Brand: Bodyline
Color: White
Price: 15 euro

This bloomer is a little bit longer than the other bloomers.
Also never been worn at all and is in really good condition!
You can make the "leg holes" smaller with the ribbons.

Proof picture



Brand: Angelic Pretty
Color: Black, Blue and Pink
Price: Black 10 euro, Blue and Pink 25 euro a piece. All socks for 55 euro.

The black socks have been worn as often as the black dress, always with shoes.
They have always been cleaned after and are still in good condition!
The other socks have never been worn and are brand new with tags, stickers and iron clip things :P at the toes.

Proof picture



Brand: Secret shop
Color: White, Mint and Pink
Size: M
Price: 40 euro a pair

Brand new and still in package! I have only tried on the white tea parties.
Somehow I have lost the plastic foil and paper of the white shoes,
But they are totally brand new and have never ever been worn anywhere, only tried on once!
They all come in the original secret shop box and can be shipped in that box.

Proof picture white
Proof picture Pink
Proof picture Mint


Brand: Bodyline
Color: White
Size: M (would recommend small calves!)
Price: 45 euro

Brand new boots, only tried on but my calves aren't small enough.
The roses at the toes are clip ons and can be removed.
Really very beautiful boots, but you need to have small calves!
They come in the original box and can be shipped in it.

Proof picture


Brand: Deary
Color: Pink x white
Size: M (but they are way smaller! more like S size!)
Price: 25 euro

These shoes are so beautiful and I love them, but they are to small for me.
I have Japanese size M and these are size M, but really they are WAY smaller!
I am the second owner, but I can't really find any flaws except "Deary" has faded a little.

Details 01
Details 02
Details 03
Proof picture



Brand: No brand
Color: Green
Price: 10 euro

Picture if made with the flash of my camera, but it kind of shiny anyway!
This isn't a high quality wig and it is brand new because I have never worn it.
I hope someone might be interested, because I am not going to use it at all.

On my hand
Proof picture


No brand
Color: Pink
Price: 30 euro

Brand new, only tried on once and never worn anywhere.
This one is actually nice quality and I love it, but I never wear it.
So I guess it is time to pass it on and make someone else happy with it!
Comes with a brand new wig cap.

With Flash
On my hand
In the package
Details inside wig
Wig cap
Proof picture

That is all for now :3
I have more stuff but I am still debating with myself if I want to sell it or not :P

Please if you have any questions feel free to ask them, I will gladly give you an answer! ^^
Thank you for reading and I wish you all a wondeful day/evening/night!

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