lolitai (lolitai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS and DT: mostly classic items

my feedbacks:
I accept paypal
I always ship my items with tracking
Shipping within 2 days

1. dolce skirt in pink 100$ including shipping

waist 57 - 74 cm (max)
length 59 cm

2. black floral skirt 85$ shipped everywhere

built in petti
64 cm waist
59 cm length
it's really pretty, but I wore it once...:(

3. playing children skirt (warm) 70$ including shipping everywhere

62 cm waist
52 cm length

4. grey floral skirt with corset lacing 60$ including shipping everywhere

60 cm waist
55 cm length

5. floral skirt 50$ shipped everywhere

waist free
53cm length

6. oranges skirt 25$ shipped everywhere

it's not really well made (not by me)
53 cm length
waist elastic 55 - 92 cm

7. burgundy jacket 35$ shipped everywhere

thanks for looking ^_^
Tags: !ds, !dt, handmade, innocent world, item:skirt
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