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DT: Found a trade! <3

Hey there!

I recently bought this dress from egl_sales and just love it, but since I got the print also in a more preferable color and style, so this pretty thing must go.
I'm the third owner of the dress, but I've only tried it on quickly and the two previous owners have worn it max. two times each, so it's in lovely condition and I can't detect any fault.
I only have proof pics I've taken for the local Finnish lolita-forum, but I can take new ones if required.

I'm looking to trade it for some of the dresses or other items on my wish list
I'm willing to negotiate about it's value in the exchange, also for partial cash change in either way if the items we'd be changing very in very different value range.
I keep the right to pick out the trade if multiple possibilities arise, I've organized the items on wishlist so that the most wanted come first in each category from left to right. (For example, I'd prefer the Sugary Pansy jsk over Fantastic Dolly and etc.)
I'm also prepared to sell the dress  for 275$ (incl. PP fees, no shipping) if someone's interested in it, but I'd like to try out my luck with a trade first. ;3

I don't have yet any feedback for egl(since I'm so slow to leave it to others ^^') ,
but I have long eBay history you can check out at:

I have two cats but I keep the dress in my study where they're not allowed.

Please, help me get this dress a new home!

Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, item:onepiece
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