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!DS: AP Chocolate Brown Calf Boots

Hello all!

The Basics:

- My feedback:
- Paypal only (no echeck!)
- First to request an invoice gets the item!
- Invoice will be coming from ********ly****
- Please pay your invoice within 3 hours unless we have discussed other arrangements!
- Please only comment if you are serious about purchase!
- I do not charge fees, ever.

*****I am always open to other offers/price negotiation! :)*****

Angelic Pretty Chocolate Brown Calf Boots

Perfectly adorable boots!! Purchased last year at Angelic Pretty in Japan, worn very briefly only once! No damages, no scuffs/scratches, just slightly dirty soles that come with a normal wearing! :)

Size: M (these are not the regular size M, they are more equivalent of their size L TeaParties, so a size 7.5-8)

Price: $180.00 shipped within the US (with tracking) or $190.00 shipped internationally (also with tracking!) :) Shipping shoes internationally is always a bit pricey, especially shoes this size >_> I am open to reasonable offers! <3

Thank you for looking! If you have any questions, just ask! :)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:brown, item:shoes
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