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DS: Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater set [Sold] + Cheap skirt

Terms & Conditions

Paypal only, no extra fees.
Items goes to the first person who leaves their Paypal adress and is ready to pay immediately.
Prices are in Euro, and without shipping costs.
To convert currenct, use XE.

I ship from The Netherlands. Warning: This may be very expensive.
    Especially overseas shipping, so please keep this in mind.
I only ship with tracking.
I ship items within 2 days after payment.
I'm not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged packages.

Measurements are in cm.
Negotiation is possible, but I do try to price things as reasonably as I can.


Also, don't hesitate to ask for more information or pictures!
I will gladly help you.

♥~Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater set~♥

First for sale is this wonderfull set from Angelic Pretty.
The print looks fantastic and the lace is gorgeos.
The chest brooch and the waist ties are detachable. The dress has back shirring.

Items: Angelic Pretty Starry Night Theater OP, Headbow, cardigan and bangle.
Color: Black
Condition: Great condition. Only worn for a few times.

Lenght: 86cm + 3cm (lace)
Bust: 90~100cm
Waist: 70~80cm
Sleevelength: 19cm
These measurements can go smaller, due to the waistties and corset lacing at the back.




♥~Striped skirt~♥

Next for sale is this simple striped skirt.
I bought it from a LJ user that made this skirt herself.
I have worn it twice. At the back of the skirt the fabric is a bit damaged, but this is how I bought the skirt.
The skirt closes with a button and zipper. No elastic waistband.
This skirt is perfect for a beginning lolita, or when you have a low budget to spend!

Items: Striped skirt
Color: Black and white
Condition: Used, but still in good condition. Only worn for a few times.

Lenght: 50cm
Waist: 72cm

Askingprice: €15,- shipping exclusive.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:black, color:white, handmade, item:accessory, item:cardigan, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:skirt
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