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DS! Milky Berry and Sleeping Beuty by Haenuli (20% REDUCTION!)

EGL Feedback here. (31 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) The last four have yet to be added. I do have a neutral feedback for some issues with Canada Post returning packages and the buyer was completly justified in leaving it. The issues have been resolved and should not happen again.


- No returns, sorry.

- Payment is expected within 12 hours of invoice, unless otherwise agreed.

- Paypal only please. PM me your Paypal. DO NOT LEAVE IT IN A COMMENT.

- Feel free to make offers unless otherwise stated, but please don’t be ridiculous.

- If you live in the GTA, I can meet you to avoid shipping. (I will discount the items as appropriate.)

- Prices are in USD and include shipping.

- I combine shipping!

- Due to the fact that I am mostly leaving the fashion and this meaning that I will be making huge changes to my wardrobe and lifestye, it could take me up to 5 days to ship items. Please let me know if you need something shipped urgently.

- I will slowly post most of my wardrobe for sale as I choose which items I will keep/sell, and as my last few purchases arrive.

- Sleeping Beauty (Includes Bonnet, Headbow, Waist ties, and Dettachable Sleeves)
(This was custom made but it's just too big for me and as I'm leaving the fashion I didn't bother to take it in. I tried it on twice and it was never touched after that.)
Bust 44"-45"
Waist 37"-38"
Hips 45"-46"

I will steam it before shipping.

$220 shipped to North America, $240 anywhere else, OBO


-Milky Berry JSK
This is my dream piece, but I'm leaving the fashion and I could really use the money. It has been worn.

I will steam it before shipping.

No Longer Available for sale through here.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:green, color:purple, indie brand, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece
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