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DS! h Naoto , Milk , Moi-meme-Moitie, Victorian Maiden, Otome Items Here! Cheap!

I am trying to make some room in my closet lately and save up money for tuition and school expenses. So all of this has to go!I try to take good care of most of my things some of my stuff i did buy second hand so some of the flaws came to me that way. Please note I can't do returns and once the package leaves my hands I have no control of when it gets to you. I try to list all problems I find with the items I find sometimes something slips through; I apologize. I can't do any returns or refunds as I just want this stuff gone. I have feedback here: I make deals with people that buy more than one item. I will hold an item if you make a deposit with me. Please don't hesitate to ask any question!Also, if you live in Brazil please let me know beforehand so I tell that I will have to charge you extra for shipping to add tracking. I don't want to lose your package.

H Naoto Honey Halter Dress 85 USD + ( 11 Shipping within US or 17 USD shipping Overseas)



Bust: 40 inches ( very stretchy shirring)
Waist: 29 (more with stretch)
Length: 31 Inches

This dress was only worn once by me. It's far too big for me. I would suggest it for a bigger bust size.
It's in good condition other than a loose button that I have attached with a safetypin onto the dress to avoid losing it.
I haven't attempted to sew it back on yet.

Moi Meme Moitie Black Frill Headdress 35 USD ( 6.50 Shipping within US or 12 USD Shipping Overseas)




This headdress is in great condition and is really lovely. It features a comb so it will stay in your hair
and also wire to conform it to the shape of your head. I only wore this headdress about two times. Nice long ribbons!

Milk RedX White Polka Dot Otome One Piece 65 USD ( 11 Shipping within US or 17 USD shipping Overseas)

Bust: 33
Waist: 27
Length: 32

This dress was only worn once buy and arrived to me new with tags. It's a great otome style dress for the upcoming
Fall/Winter months. Very Well made dress with A-line shape!

Milk Red X White Gingham Daisy Dress 20 USD ( 6.50 Shipping within US or 10 USD Shipping Overseas)




Bust: 34
Waist: 28
Length: 34

This dress was only worn once by me to try on. It was then washed and never worn since. In great condition! Perfect
casual lolita/ Otome Summer dress! Great a-line shape and daisy embroidery details on the skirt!

Milk Blue Chiffon Star Chiffon One Piece 50 USD ( 11 Shipping Within US or 17 Shipping Overseas)

Bust: 34
Waist: 28:
Length: 35

This dress is made of a heavier denim in the bodice and the lining of the skirt. Very sturdy! You can also wear it
out in colder months this way. Then the skirt features soft baby blue chiffon. The stars have a really cool detail
featuring the Milk logo. This dress is a really nice casual otome piece you can dress up or down. Only worn twice.

Victorian Maiden Black Lace Blouse 45 USD ( 6.50 Shipping within US or 10 USD Shipping Overseas)



Bust: 33
Waist: 27

This blouse was only worn by me a couple of times. Very beautiful classic Lolita blouse! Tulle lace detail! This
blouse is perfect for a smaller/slimmer girl and creates a perfect sillouette tucked in under a skirt. I notice that
many lolita blouses for me tend to be baggy around the waist.

Notice! Please note that shipping rates have gone up recently. I really apologize for the price increase.

Thank you for looking!
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