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DS: Mille Fleurs navy dress - 20% reduction!

Hi everyone! (◡‿◡✿)

Let's start with some basic information :D

~ Feedback: and here

~ I only accept PayPal

~ I'm from Switzerland

~ The item go to the first person leaving their paypal address

~ I do not accept returns

(it doesn't come with the rose)

I bought this lovely dress some months ago in this community (used very few times by the previous owner, the dress is like new!), and when I got it I sadly realised that it was too small for me (even if there's some shirring in the back). I said to myself: "I will loose some weight and everything will be fine!" But it never happened, so I still own this beautiful dress that I can not wear, and I decided that it would be happier with someone thinner than me o^_^o

I'm bust 88 and waist 68, and the problem is surely the bust! So I would really recommend it to someone with less bust than me. What's more, if you want to wear a blouse under it, you definitely need some space!

A part from that, it's a really gorgeous and well-made dress, it's a rare and nice color, and the velvet is so delicate!

This is my proof picture:

And this is the dress worn (by the person who owned the dress before me):

I would love to get back what I payed for it (I'm actually asking for a little less!): 300 USD shipped 240 USD shipped!. (I don't charge PayPal fees)

If you don't like my price please feel free to make an offer! :)

I'm here if you have any questions! ^___^

Thank you!

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