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DS: Blouses, JSKs and more!

Feedback is here.
I am located in California. USA
I am willing to ship internationally only if you pay for EMS, otherwise, I only accept gift payments for international buyers.
I am not responsible for packages shipped without tracking/insurance.
I only accept Paypal.
Prices do not include shipping!
Priority goes to the first person who PM's me their Paypal address.

My proof item is my N pendant

*the lighting in my room is kind of dark, sorry in advance!*

R-Series Elegy Blouse in Black *SOLD*
Measurements: 92cm bust, 72 cm waist, R-Series large size
Price: $25 USD + s/h

Proof (please note that I am selling the BLACK version) 
Really nice blouse with lace detail. I am the second owner, and haven't worn it much, but it definitely has a "worn" feeling to it. 

Bodyline Cameo Blouse in White *SOLD*
Measurements: Bust 92 cm, Waist 78 cm. Bodyline Size M
Price: $30 USD + s/h

Cameo brooch/ribbon is detachable! Cute blouse, unfortunately I don't have anything that goes well with it 

69th Department Chiffon Blouse in White *like new*
Measurements: 90cm bust, 72 cm waist
Price: $35 USD + s/h 

I removed the black ribbon because it looked really cheap. Price has been adjusted to reflect this. Worn only once!

Innocent World Bolero in black *SOLD*
Measurements: 90 cm bust max
Price: $50 USD + s/h

The bolero is a bit faded. It's slightly darker than in my proof photo, but not truly black. Made from a comfy stretchy cutsew material.

Innocent World Chiffon JSK *SOLD*
Measurements: 93 cm bust, 73 cm waist (has some shirring)
Price: $100 USD + s/h

Received in a trade. Really beautiful and light JSK that's also good for everyday wear! I can't find the official stock photos, but I'd be happy to take more pictures upon request.

Chess Story Mariage d'Amour JSK in Ivory *SOLD*
Size: S~M
Measurements: 82~90cm bust, 65~73 cm waist 
Price: $95 USD + s/h

Barely tried on, unfortunately the bodice doesn't flatter me at all. Comes with extra button and tags still attached :) It runs a little small.

I am willing to take more pictures upon request and will consider reasonable offers.

Shipping Status:
-all items were dropped off at the post today (11/17)

*if you are a buyer and want proof of shipment, please let me know :) *

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